The Power of SISSEL®

Expand your know-how together with the SISSEL® ACADEMY.
Explore the potential of high quality SISSEL® products through first class fitness and rehabilitation workshops.


The SISSEL® ACADEMY offers first class fitness and rehabilitation workshops worldwide led by experienced Educators. Deepen your skill set through our dedicated workshop formats focusing on SPINEFITTER by SISSEL® and new SISSEL® product developments.

Our diverse course concepts offer trainers, therapists, and movement specialists the opportunity to join a global network of highly qualified professionals. Each workshop is accompanied by a specially developed workbook.


Our Spinefitter Educators

The workshops are carried out locally by internationally experienced and highly qualified trainers and physiotherapists. Our Educators are happy to welcome all participants into their workshops in their respective country with deep knowledge of the SPINEFITTER by SISSEL® System.

Each participant will receive a SISSEL® ACADEMY Certificate after successful completion of the workshop.